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Dr Luis Pavajeau is a Board certified  Plastic surgeon, Board  certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ISAPS , and the ISHR international society of Hair restoration in USA . Dr Pavajeau has one of the most successful CV in Plastic Surgery in Colombia.

Dr Pavajeau is knowned  by his Comprehensiveness, scientific credentials   and  by the fact of beeing 3 times award winner Plastic surgeon , by the Colombian Board SCCP in the years 1994 ,2005 and 2015.  Also winner of the Modena award in Italy 2005.


He is an artist  since childhood, loves music and plays the piano and guitar.

Dr Pavajeau has one of the best and highest academic averages for Colombian National examination for admission to universities. Admited for Medical School in 1981, among 9200 applicants getting admission in 16th place. During Medical School at the National University of Colombia he kept , the highest academic average in his career. Admited  in 1990 to make  residence in Plastic Surgery, with  the third best score among 105 candidates, and obtained his degree as Plastic Surgeon,  in 1994.


It is considered one of the 5  best pástic surgeons in Colombia and one of the safest in the country due to his  excellent work  , no sues and no fatal outcomes in 23 years. More than 18,000 procedures  with fully satisfied patients in 23 years as Plastic Surgeon, is considered one of the best is and most respected speakers and leaders in plastic surgery in Colombia .


If you look who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Colombia or who is the safest plastic surgeon in Colombia you  can be sure that Dr Pavajeau meets the requirements of scientific seriousness and artistic ability to obtain the best result in each of their surgeries plastic.




The city of Modena 2005 prize was awarded to Dr Pavajeau for best scientific paper presented by a plastic surgeon at the ISHR World Congress, for their excellent contributions and the best results in South and North America.


Dr Luis Pavajeau, plastic ciujano has ASSISTED as guest lecturer in Colombia, and invited as Profesor to several Plastic Surgery Meetings.


It is also one of the plastic surgeons with the lowest rate of complications in Colombia due to its conservative approach keeping in the safer side for the patient without risking to  combo type or multiple surgeries as those in "extreme Makeover".

As a plastic surgeon he is highly recognized for its excellent rhinoplasty.  field in wich he is undoubtedly one of the best plastic surgeons. It is also an excellent plastic surgeon in  facelift face and Tummy tuck.

Dr Pavajeau is also one of the best and most skilled plastic surgeons  in liposuction, tummy and breast augmentation.


Dra. Claudia Turriago

Médica Cirujano

Universidad Juan N. Corpas

Universidad del Bosque


Medical Surgeon Juan N. Corpas University and University Specialist Bogotá Forest.

Outstanding professional with a career and expertise with the best academic grades.

Part of Dr. Pavajeau team since 1994, has extensive experience of more than 12,000 procedures.


Your opinion of the female gender is a valuable alternative for many patients and gives the surgical team with Dr. Pavajeau the touch of seriousness and professionalism that is needed for care in Aesthetic Surgery.


Received with Dr. Pavajeau Modena in Italy Award 2005.

Member of the European Society for Hair Reconstruction.

Member of the Iberoamerican Society of Surgery for recontrución hair.

Courses attended numerous theoretical practical anti-aging.

Menber of the International Society for Heart Research ISHR


In addition he works with General Manager of Science and Aesthetics Dr. Pavajeau freeing part of the Administrative and Financial.

Dr. Luis Pavajeau Muñoz

Plastic Surgeon

Universidad Nacional de Colombia