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Clasificacio Norwood en Ingles

Hair restoration in Colombia with FUE .Prices 



We usually make 1000 Follicular units hair restoration using FUE.

Prices with FUE are 2 USD per Follicular Unit.

That means  1000 Follicular Units of  FUE hair restoration , costs 2000 USD.

State of normal hair, with minimal or no recession in the frontotemporal region and no shortage of hair on the crown. 

Stage 1

Stage 2

Frontotemporal region presents small recessions, no larger than 2 cm, more or less symmetrically. Paien has a  slight hair loss and density  decreases in the front. This stage llows Baldness great results with a single session of Follicular Units .  1000 follicular Units are necessary.

Stage 3

IThese stage  has 2 different patterns: temporal recessions , and a variable frontal recession are combined.

ISome localized hair loss at the crown.

One Frontal sesion of 1000 Follicular Units and a second sesion for the crown with 1000 follicular units

Stage 4

It is a more advanced degree of baldness, where the frontal and frontotemporal recession is deeper than in the State III, Hair density in these areas is greatly reduced.

Between 1 and 2 sessions of  Follicular Units  are needed for desired hair density

Stage V

IIn most cases of Stage V the  the  bridge connecting both sides of the head is still present. , Hoeever  hair density in this area has decreased very significantly.

The balding areas of the front and crown areas have increased in size, some hair remaining on the top.  Threee sesions or  around 3000 Follicular Units are needed

Stage 6

Stage 5 is mainly characterized by the complete disappearance of the bridge that separates the two main areas of balldness. The depth of the front and crown areas increases.

Three to four  sesons of Follicular Units are needed 

Stage VII

It is the most advanced state, where there is only inthe hair around the ears extending to the rear.

Both encasos more balding and very extensive baldness three sessions would be necessary. In some cases can adarse if the donor site is not sufficiently extensaparacubrirlaspartesdespobladas.

In these cases it is advisable not to opt for performing hair implants.

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Clasificacion Ludwig en Ingles

Classification of Baldness Women

by Ludwig


Balldness in women can be classified into 4 states:

Identify what is your stage .

The result can be obtained with one, two or four surgeries. The more baldness, more surgeries.

Stage I


Only a small los in frontal line and sort of a  nest loss  in the central region.   

One FUT is needed for treatment



Hair is lost in zones iCorresponding to the male ipattern with some loss of zone 1.


Stage  2



Diffuse baldness entire top of the head to the area of the  crown .

Results may vary depending on he donor density

Two or 3 sesions of FUE or FUT

Stage 3




Diffuse baldness in all the head .

3 to 4 sesions of FUE or FUT


Stage 4

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