Propecia, Minoxidil and other compounding of Dermatologists

Propecia and Minoxidil are the only drugs that have

been approved in the US by the FDA to reduce the effect of testosterone.


These drugs do out new hair can only stop a little fall and prevent further hair thinning.


All compounding using Minoxidil is a drug that has the same function blocking testosterone conmbinan The compounding medications such as retinoic acid, viatminas and a diuretic that can help to stop the testosterone.


Science and aesthetics only recommends some formulas that can help in that process stops a bit.


One such formula contains a better than Finasteride or Propecia molecule and uses

Dutasteride. DTR can call the adquirri in the office.





Synthetic polyamide fiber used as complememnto and padding when and the patient has no more donor area, or in some cases of women who have almost hair in the donor area. This fiber is the most advanced at this time on the subject of synthetic implant.


The fiber has a good time and only falls into a rat of 10% per year.

The place where the skin is implanted can form a small depression that goes quite unnoticed.


Results in patients with good tolerance to the material, are very good.


Wigs and Tupes


There are all kinds of wigs or hairpieces also called units or Tupes.

You can place torma attached to other hair fixed or removable attached with ribbons.


The humidity and heat make them susceptible to infection and odor.

In many cases hair loss that is under them do not recommend its use increases.


Hair extensions can temporarily help women with hair transplant.

Laser brushes


New technology not yet scientifically proven. Most of our patients who have used said to have had no improvement.

Be very careful because it can cause burns.