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Follicular Unit Extraction  FUE Colombia-Implante capilar

Hair Restoration is a surgical tecnique that started 30 years ago. It has been a long way to come up to the best an we can call the stae of the art in hair restoartion.
Follicular Unit extraction has been the evolution to a natural and fuller result .
But the latest and best results are with FUE 3D or Follicular Unit Extraction in 3D.  This tecnique discovered by Dr Luis Pavajeau has the best results ever obtained by him as Plastic Surgeon in 23 years of practice with Hair restoration techniques..
If you have been loosing hair and you are interested in Hair restoration procedures or Hair Transplant  with FUE or Folicular Unit Extraction and you need information on  Hair restoration and hair transplant in men and women  in Colombia , in this site you will find all tecnical and  scientific information.
Colombia is considered as a Top Medical Tourism destination , well knowned by all types of plastic surgery , and FUE 3D for hair restoration , has the best and most affordable prices for FUE if compared to USA.

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